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About Us

Isn't it soothing to know...

That you have the option to customize a part of your life and tailor it to your exact needs? At Imperial Compounding Pharmacy, we feel good knowing that we are providing a service that makes like a little easier — it's why we do what we do! We are dedicated to being an integral part of your healing team. Using the art and science of compounding, ICP will personalize a delivery method well-suited to you, the patient, and your specific needs. For example, we can custom compound a more comfortable delivery system, or eliminate ingredients that cause allergic reactions. We can formulate prescriptions for infants and young children, seniors, athletes, and even family pets. Whatever your requirements, we are ready to assist in the healing process. Compounded formulas have another benefit in addition to their customization and convenience; they are often more reasonably priced.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Imperial Compounding Pharmacy's well-trained staff has the knowledge and capability to prepare a myriad of delivery systems with the purest and highest quality ingredients: Liquid suspensions, chewables, topical creams and gels, oral and nasal sprays, powders, transdermal gel patches, suppositories, foams, masks, lollipops, and more. If compatible, multiple prescriptions may also be combined into one single dosage.

Prescription medication is serious business, and Imperial Compounding Pharmacy is very serious about our quality standards and certifications. ICP fully complies and upholds rigorous USP 797 standards issued by the United States Pharmacopoeia. To assure drug purity and accuracy, monthly third-party testing is also carried out by Eagle Analytical. These reports are available by request, and we are happy to supply them. We are proud to have the confidence of many healthcare practitioners and fellow pharmacists who require compounding services. 

"We do our part so you can focus more easily on your healing."

For Gilles de Tosellet, Pharm.D., President of Imperial Compounding Pharmacy, the passion for compounding emanates from a deep satisfaction in fulfilling a patient's unique needs. As President of IPC, he has built a strong team of professionals that mirror the compassion and caring that is Imperial Compounding Pharmacy's mission. Gilles is deeply committed to the belief that a caring and competent pharmacy with compounding knowledge is a critical part of a patient's healing team.

In Good Health, 

Gilles de Tosellet, Pharm.D. is a graduate of Long Island University, 1999 - 2005.

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